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We seek to provide the highest level of care through our highly skilled women's health care professionals and state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to offering a full range of gynecology services, our board certified gynecologist serving the bay area and peninsula, Dr. Claire Serrato, is specially trained to do in-office ultrasound, gynecologic procedures and all types of minimally invasive surgeries for fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic masses, polyps, infertility, pelvic pain or tubal problems. She has completed master's training in advanced robotic surgery. She is a leader in the gyn community and is on Clinical Faculty at UCSF. She has privileges at Mills-Peninsula in Burlingame, Sequoia in Redwood City and Campus Surgery Center in Daly City and sometimes is available to perform surgery at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She has performed many thousands of minimally invasive surgeries over her 20 years as a physician. Her offices are in San Mateo, with a satellite office is in Daly City. Dr Serrato is uniquely qualified to provide an individualized care plan to suit your needs.She follows all of her postop patients personally in the hospital. She can provide ALL options you and she personally guides you through any treatment option. Her caring attitude as well as technical expertise makes her the optimal choice for any gynecological patient.

Dr Serrato offers reasonable cash prices for underinsured or uninsured patients for office visits or gynecological procedures.

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Dr Serrato's new office address: 136 North San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA. Just 2 blocks from current location and free parking. The building is currently labeled as the California Skin Institute. Click on "OUR OFFICE" tab above to see google map.

Dr Serrato named again to the "BEST DOCTORS" list in the United States AGAIN for 2014 by her own peers.

Dr. Serrato has completed MASTER's training in Robotic Surgery, one of only a few in the bay area to do so.

Dr Serrato is a highly experienced, award winning gynecologist. She finds the best option for you as an individual.  She was  the first gynecologist in Burlingame and San Mateo to complete advanced and now master's training in robotic surgery to add to her other skills in minimally invasive gynecology. She has completed many thousands of minimally invasive surgeries.

She performed the first Robotic hysterectomy and the first robotic myomectomy (fibroid removal) at Mills Peninsula Hospital. She is also an expert in traditional laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and has performed advanced procedures with amazing outcomes.

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True patient Testimonials for Dr Serrato:


I feel very blessed to have been in the good care of Dr. Claire Serrato this year and a successful robotic Myomectomy at Mills Peninsula Hospital performed by her in July and wanted to share a testimonial. 
I had been suffering for many years with painful periods and cramping and finally in April 2013 had diagnostic ultrasound and MRI which diagnosed very large fibroids.I was referred to Dr. Serrato for the most effective surgical and treatment plan for my fibroid removal.  Within the week I was scheduled for a diagnostic and consultative visit at Dr. Serrato's office, and was already feeling like I was in good hands even though I was anxious about surgery.
Throughout my treatment timeframe (about 3 months) I received a high level of care and coordination of my health plans and providers with Dr. Serrato.  She explained fully the images during my office visits, various options for my treatment, and the merits and drawbacks for various courses of action for my treatment.   I shared how I was strongly considering egg harvesting prior to surgery, and Dr. Serrato affirmed my thinking and, more importantly, listened.  She facilitated my getting in touch with an excellent Fertility Specialist and answered all of my post visit questions in a timely manner and timed the surgical date after I had gone through this treatment.  I felt in all of our consultations Dr. Serrato helped me make my most informed and best decisions. 
The preparation and surgical visit at Mills Peninsula was also a very seamless process from my end, although it was more difficult for Dr. Serrato.  Her advocacy for me as her patient included multiple attempts to get medications denied by my Insurance carrier in time for the surgery and also ordering a special piece of equipment for the hospital needed to perform the surgery.  Dr. Serrato set the right expectations from estimating surgery time to how long my recovery would be and gave me hope about my longer term health.  I am extremely grateful for her post-operative visit and the true care I felt as her patient.
Because it's the Thanksgiving season and I am feeling good again, I wanted to share how much I appreciate Dr. Serrato and her team for getting me back to health.  I would highly recommend her for any one considering robotic surgery or general Obstetric and Gynecological care.  I would not have delayed my own treatment if I had known of her sooner.     
C S, a grateful patient